Bike and Rider Development

At Race Dynamics we supply complete Racer support. Our services range from building race bikes to shipping and logistics with full paddock support. Maybe you just want to know how to get into racing - We can help you there! We cater to all racers from Novice to World Champion.

We build and tune race engines as well as supply, modify and tune suspension.

Our expertise in Dyno tuning covers all the fuel injection modules, Factory race ECU's and high end data systems like Motec and Magnetti Marelli. We can even tune (reflash) Kawasaki and Suzuki stock ECU's, eliminating the need for piggy back fueling units. We specialize in scheduled maintenance and performance modifications.

We use, recommend and sell Termorace tyre warmers, Carbonin race glass and Ktech suspension. We have chosen these products because they are race proven in the World Superbike Championship.

We are a licensed GMD Computrack measurement station. This gives us the unique ability to not only check if your bike is straight and safe but also optimise it to produce mechanical grip and geometric efficiency which translates to better lap times. Your bike can steer beyond anything you have ever experienced and stick to the track with superior tyre wear.

It doesn't matter how good the bike is, if YOU the rider, aren't getting the most out of it. We highly recommend California Superbike School as the foundation of knowledge to learn the art of cornering. With that training in place we are uniquely positioned to develop your racing ability.

Our rider development program starts with MDE; Motorcycle Dynamics Education. Specifically we explore what each suspension adjuster does and feels like, then we develop a vocabulary together to accurately describe its behaviour in a consistent manner. This enables you to setup your own bike and will facilitate effective tuning with a Crew Chief in the future.

We also conduct RBT (no not what your thinking) - Race Braking Training. We teach Track Analysis, Race tactics, Physical and Mental preparation and Race starts. We have worked with riders in Championships all over the world and know the challenges you face. Let us help.

In order to gain sponsorship riders need a media profile. We can create a full profile with professional sponsorship presentations and even write, distribute and host race reports. We centralise data management right here on this site with member login to access your data from anywhere, storing your info in one convenient location has many advantages: "What gearing did I run at the Island??" - Better logon! We collect, interpret and collate suspension and engine data and more importantly help you make sense of it.

Isn't it time you lived your potential.



Just some of the Champions we have had the privilege to work with.